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Frequently Asked Questions
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Are you affiliated with a specific denomination or church?

We are an independent home business.  The vast majority of our customers are Episcopal churches in the US, and that is the tradition from which all of our materials arise and to which we specifically target our limited budget for direct advertising. 

We do, however, have happy customers in other Anglican communions as well as a range of other traditions at the liturgical end of the church spectrum, such as Lutheran, United Methodist, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian and some emergent and non-denominational congregations.

Our materials show female clergy in more or less equal numbers with male, and represent a church that is inclusive of all kinds of people and families.

How do I order materials from The Sunday Paper?

We do not have the capacity for online ordering at this time.  You may order from this website by clicking on the Order Forms tab, where you will find order forms that can be copied and pasted directly into an email.  On the same page there are also links to downloadable .pdf order forms which can be printed out and sent by mail, or scanned and emailed to us.

 Our email address is

Please note that we have separate order forms for our two types of resources—one for our lectionary cartoons, The Sunday Paper and/or Sunday Paper Junior, which are distributed as subscriptions, and the other for the rest of our resources.  You may order either type of materials, or both types in a single order.

May I order by phone?

For phone orders, or if you have any questions, call 203-624-2520.  We are in the Eastern time zone.  

What forms of payment do you accept?

We do not require payment at the time of ordering, and we do not take credit cards.  We appreciate the enclosure of payment in orders sent by mail, but do not require it.  Subscribers to The Sunday Paper and/or The Sunday Paper Junior are invoiced by mail.  When you order books, Beulah Land, etc., an invoice is enclosed in the package when your order is filled.

For non-US customers we now welcome the use of PayPal.  Please email us for more information.

Am I permitted to make copies of materials from The Sunday Paper?

All of our materials are copyright.  Unauthorized reproduction by any means is prohibited.  Subscribers to The Sunday Paper and/or The Sunday Paper Junior are authorized to make paper copies, in any quantities and by any methods, for use in the program of their own ministry only.  Direct electronic transmission (forwarding of files as attachments) is prohibited except within the subscribing parish.  Purchasers of Go, Tell It on the Mountain and Risen with Christ are thereby granted permission to copy scripts and sheet music for use in rehearsal and performance.

Written permission is required for all other forms of redistribution, including posting on a parish web site.

Are Sunday Paper resources returnable?

Non-subscription materials (Beulah Land, books, toys, etc.) are eligible for a full refund if returned in saleable condition within 30 days. 

For Sunday Paper subscriptions, our cancellation policy is to charge for actual shipments sent to date, at the per-season rate, i.e. $12.00 per season for Sunday Paper or Junior alone; or, for both together, $18.00 per season, plus an administrative charge of $10.00.  Our prices for subscriptions are, in effect, a licensing fee, so this policy applies even if you do not download or open the materials, as long as you did in fact originally order them.

Beulah Land has a full curriculum.  Do you have a curriculum or lesson plans or teacher’s guides for any of your other materials?

Beulah Land and our Vacation Bible School are the only ones of our offerings for which we provide a formal lesson-by-lesson curriculum. 

The Sunday Paper and The Sunday Paper Junior are designed as curriculum supplements or worship aids, rather than as the basis for a full Sunday School lesson. 

Our two books on the sacraments for children, Alleluia! Amen and New Life, are simple in design and serve well for reading aloud with children in formal sacrament preparation as well as for reading with parents at home or browsing and coloring in the pew.  Clergy who have used them for more than a generation since their publication have found that they stand well on their own and that a “lesson plan” is superfluous, because the books themselves lead to questions and conversation.

Besides the Beulah Land curriculum, our two main resources for clergy and children’s ministry workers in the church are our Christmas pageant scripts (Go, Tell It on the Mountain) and our Holy Week resources (Risen with Christ).  Both contain detailed program suggestions with many practical tips and pointers.

We also enthusiastically endorse a curricular resource developed by the second generation spinoff of this family business:  There Is a Season: Celebrating the Church Year with Children by Margaret Pritchard Houston!

Do you provide the feltboard to use with Beulah Land?

We don’t sell boards because of the obvious complications of shipping them.  The components are easily and inexpensively acquired locally, and you can customize the size and type of board to your needs.  Bigger is always better, but other factors such as space and portability may affect that. The felt pieces are scaled to fit well on a 40 by 60 inch board.  More details are given in the manual to the Beulah Land Starter Set.

I want to use Beulah Land to share the Old Testament Heroes stories with my church school.  Do I need to order Beulah 2 before I order Beulah 3A, Old Testament Heroes?

Ordering set 3A before you have Set 2 (Salvation Story) is a bit problematical.  For many of the stories in 3A, you need felt pieces supplied in set 2 – specifically, the Desert, Holy Mountain, and Jerusalem landscapes.  The Desert and Holy Mountain can be cut freehand from tan or brown felt, but Jerusalem is more of a challenge.  A few of the later stories also use elements from the Exodus and Dry Bones sets in Beulah 2, but there could be workarounds for that.  If your budget can handle it, you should get both Beulah 2 and Beulah 3A, and if you’re in a hurry, you can assemble from Beulah 2 only the Old Testament landscapes and figures that you will need for your heroes unit.  Then later you can go back and put together the rest of Beulah 2.

Would we be better off starting with the Beulah Land starter set and salvation story set, or the Gospel stories set (Beulah 4)?

All the Beulah Land sets are cumulative, and are designed to be acquired and assembled in numerical order. 

In particular, the Starter Set is the basis for all the other Beulah Land sets -- it provides the felt pieces for Jesus, the Hands and Heart of God, the Holy Spirit, the created world, and other essential elements that are used in all the other Beulah Land story sets.  You really can't do anything without the starter set!  Similarly, the Salvation Story set (Beulah 2) supplies the basic Old Testament covenant stories not found in the Starter Set, and nearly all the central New Testament figures -- disciples, crowd, priests-and-scribes, etc. -- that are used repeatedly in the 3B and 4 collections along with the additional specialized figures provided in those later sets.

Do you have materials for confirmation preparation?

Our focus is on children from preschool through early middle school.  In most US dioceses, the recommended age for confirmation is 14 or higher.  For this and other reasons, we do not offer confirmation materials.

Why is your book Offering the Gospel to Children not listed anywhere on this site?

Offering the Gospel to Children is published by Rowman & Littlefields Cowley Publications imprint, and can be ordered as you would order any book.